What is total betting and what is its advantage?

If you want to bet on the total, look for a section on the bookmaker’s website that flashes the letters TB and TM.

  • TB is the total more. Bet on TB if you are sure that the events will be more than a certain number. In soccer, TB (0.5) means that at least one goal is expected in the match. And it does not matter who scores this goal.
  • TM – total less. It is the opposite outcome to a TB. Bet on the TM means that you expect fewer outcomes of the event than specified in brackets. TM (0.5) means that no goals will be scored in the match.

It is important to note the difference between TM (0.5) and TM (1). In both cases a goalless draw is assumed. But if suddenly one of the teams scores, the bet of TM (0,5) will lose, and on the bet of TM (1) there will be a return: you will get the bet amount back to your account.

Another thing to remember is that bets on the total are calculated as soon as the main time of the match is over. If a goal is scored in extra time, it will not affect the total and the result of the bet.

Total types

Classic total

The classic total implies a bet on one of two outcomes: either the events will be more than a certain number, or less. Classic total can be a whole – TM (2) or fractional – TB (2.5).

Asian total

Asian total at first glance seems more complicated to grasp than the classical one. On the bookmaker’s website it may look like a TB (1.25) or as a TB (1 – 1.5). Both of these totals have the same meaning: the teams must score more than 1 goal in regular time. If two goals are scored, the bet is played. If the teams score only one goal, then the bet is split into two parts – TB (1) and TB (1.5). TB (1.5) loses, and TB (1) is calculated at odds of 1. Thus, half of the bet is returned to the account.

Individual total

Individual total is a special type of betting on the total, which takes into account the achievements of one of the participants in the competition: a team or a player. If a clear favorite and a clear underdog meet, you can bet that Team A will score more than 0.5. Thus you do not subscribe to the result of the match and will not suffer if Team B scores an accidental goal.

How to diversify total bets

Result and Total

The easiest way to increase your winnings is to add a total bet to an express bet on the result. In fact, you will be betting on the same thing. Some bookmakers do not allow such bets.

Double odds and total

This option is similar to the previous one. The difference is that the probability of a double chance is higher than the regular result. On such bets it is difficult to catch a good odds, but success is almost guaranteed.

Total by halves

Total by halves is a slightly more complicated version of the normal total. Now it is not enough to guess the number of outcomes. It is necessary that this quantity fits into a certain time interval. Odds are high. The risks are not trivial.

Both scored (yes/no) and total

A tricky combination for professionals. It is better to make this bet in matches between teams of different classes: when it is obvious that one of the teams will definitely score, and the other will not. Even such bets are good in Asian championships and youth tournaments: there usually a big score and both teams score.

Individual player total

Perhaps the most profitable of all the totals. In order for such a bet to pass, it is necessary to guess how many goals a particular player will score.

Bets on total in LIVE

Is it worth it to bet on the total in live? Yes, you should. But either at the beginning of the match or at the very end.

At the beginning of the match you can quickly notice the tactics of the teams. If one of the teams is constantly running to attack on the flanks, this is most likely its strategy for the game. There will be a lot of corner kicks. It is necessary to catch high odds on a large number of corners. The more of them will be, the lower will be the odds on such a total.

At the end of the match you need to bet on total goals. After 85 minutes, more often than not goals are not scored. Therefore, the score is likely not to change and you can fix the totals. To increase the odds, you can assemble an express in concurrent matches.

Wide choice

Total bets can be made in almost all sports. There is a lot to choose from. You can make different combinations.

You do not need to be an expert

To bet on the total, you do not need to have an in-depth understanding of a particular sport. Enough to either catch a trend in the live, or have common sense and make a reasonable pre-match bet.

Fewer Risks

You don’t need to guess the winner or the exact score of the match in order for a total bet to go through. You need to roughly estimate the range. The probability of hitting the range is higher, which means there is less risk of losing the bet.

It is possible to increase the odds of the main bet

Total bets serve as a great addition to the main bets. Assemble expresses and add total bets to them. Get a significant increase in odds with a slight increase in risk.
Bet on total, it is profitable. But do not forget that sometimes things happen in sports and totals do not guarantee a successful bet. Good luck.

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